Monday, August 10, 2015

One week's end is another's beginning...

This past week was a great one! It was my 3rd week of training ramping up to the Rock 'n Roll Savannah Half Marathon in November. Despite temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indices soaring into the 100s, I more or less stayed on track!

Mid-week brought a trip to the New Orleans area, a great visit with a friend and two new NOLA restaurants I got to try for the first time - Balise and Willa Jean - both highly recommended!

I'm nearly done with Jim Crace's "Being Dead" which so far is a masterfully written, if jarring, novel. I read his earlier work, "Quarantine", which was also a mind-bender, as a gift from a friend.

The weekend was hectic but fun - got to catch a matinee of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation with my oldest daughter, spend Sunday morning with my Meadowbrook family celebrating and recognizing our wonderful community, then head down to Gulf Shores for a few days of R&R before school and schedule pull us all back in!




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