Friday, August 21, 2015

Meteor showers, vacations and new beginnings

Wrapped up our vacation at Fort Morgan near Gulf Shores - beautiful weather and beautiful views. A bit of seaweed, some jellyfish, bull sharks and dolphins - a great time! The rest of my clan got to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower but I was studying the inside of my eyelids...ah, vacation regrets!

So back to the real world!

Kids are starting back at Birmingham Southern College and Jackson Prep and I'm looking into CrossFit sampling a class today at Kudzu Crossfit in Gluckstadt.

In terms of products I'm using right now, as I've mentioned before, I've become a skeptical convert to MPow Swift Bluetooth Headphones. These are a fantastic bargain at JayBird BlueBirds both for the solid active fit and the water-resistance - the BlueBirds are LiquiPel protected; the MPow Swifts "flaked out" on me during a really long, sweaty run a couple of weeks ago). I've just received MPow's new sports-fit Bluetooth Cheetah headphones, and used them on a longish run this weekend. I was very pleased with the fit - best sports fit I've experienced - ease of use, and sound quality were solid. However, they developed significant skipping that became so annoying I shut them off for the last 2 miles of my run. Not sure if this was an iPhone 6 issue or a headphone issue, but I've never experienced this kind of problem with my JayBirds. Even the MPow Swifts have had only intermittent occasional skipping. I'll give these another chance or two, but this may be a deal-breaker.

I also picked up one of SanDisk's new Wifi-enabled Connect USB drives (64GB version) for use with iOS products and I am thrilled with ease of use, features and usefulness. This is really going to expand my ability to live without a laptop - getting by with just my iPad paired with a LogiTech Ultrathin BT keyboard.

After visiting the CrossFit class, we've opted to stick with Madison HealthPlex and the Fitness Boot Camp program (we've done two "tours" already!). We'll hopefully jump in next week - now that I'm back from Pittsburgh, Trish is back from Las Vegas, Molly is settling in Birmingham and we are about to enjoy the Mississippi Book Festival this weekend.


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