Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ask Science Mike & Gungor (@asksciencemike & @gungormusic)

I'm I've been listening to @AskScienceMike (@mikemchargue) for several months thanks to @bfantax and I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough! His grace, openness, curiosity, deep thoughtfulness and true insight have been a tremendous blessing to me. 

At a minimum, his perspective is encouraging to those of us who, as @preachermike says, are "winter Christians" wrestle with doubt and fear and uncertainty. At best, he helps us deal with the confounding, frustrating and maddeningly uncertain nature of life from a faith perspective. 

It's ironic or fortuitous that through Ask Science Mike I discovered the @liturgists podcast and delved deeper into the music of Michael Gungor (@gungormusic). I recommend The Liturgists Podcast every bit as much as Ask Science Mike. And the new @gungormusic album #OneWildLife:Soul is just amazing. The only album I currently put on rotate and "sink" into. At once deeply moving and personal while being atmospheric and ambient. Think "Radio Etiopia" meets Pink Floyd and Explosions In The Sky. 

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