Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Reflections

So yesterday was my birthday. 45 years old already. Where has the time gone? Hard to imagine I'm a middle-aged husband and father of two teenage daughters. What was the Universe thinking when that was allowed to happen? Just wait until Management finds out...
It was a wonderful birthday - a beautiful, warm (well...hot) sunshine-filled day. I woke up in the morning with the best person I've ever known; with a brilliant, witty, funny, beautiful daughter asleep upstairs and a funny, beautiful, brilliant, creative daughter sending me Happy Birthday texts/Tweest/Instagrams from the beach. I heard from all of my family wishing me a great day and confirming they still acknowledge our familial bond - at least in private. I got to have lunch with as great a group of men as you could find anywhere - all friends who each inspire and challenge me in their own ways. I spent an afternoon run out in the heat and wind and enjoyed a lovely dinner with two beautiful women!
The well-wishes on Facebook number in the dozens - along with texts, messages, emails, phone calls. Gifts included books and wine and gadgets - going to be hard to top that list, people. Some sent special notes or shared hopes or remembrances of how our lives intersected. And as I pause to reflect on the wonderful group who each paused perhaps only seconds, others minutes or hours, to let me know they'd thought of me on this day, I am amazed at how blessed I have been to know all these people. Some are friends I have had since before high school. Some are friends I've only known a few months. Some are much older than I; others are still teenagers. Some are Republican; some Democrat. Some are devout Christians; some are wanderers and searchers; some are not religious at all. Some I see everyday - others I haven't "seen" in years. But it reminds me that even when we think we are all alone, we are still connected. Our friendships and partnerships and relationships are like an invisible network - a web - woven beneath us and around us and through us, that may go unnoticed for long stretches, but that can suddenly bound into our awareness when life jostles us loose or causes us to stumble. Now I'm just thinking here, since right now things are very pleasant for me, thank you very much, but I'm hoping that this means throughout our lives we are weaving together a safety net that stands ready to catch us when we fall.
It was a fantastic day, and I'm glad I've had a moment to pause and reflect on the deep blessing of other people.

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