Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcoming the day...

Breath and see and hear and feel. Pause in each moment. Feel the air moving into your nose and throat and lungs. Grip the earth with your toes.  Flex your fingers in space. Look deeply into the eyes of your friend and your child and your lover. Let the sunrise press itself into your eyes. Let the water's lapping work its way into your skull. Let the ground strike your foot and shake your bones as you run upon the earth. 

  • Whole lifetimes are wasted worrying about the opinions of people who aren't even on the right wavelength.
  • People laugh at your unwholesome talk at the moment but think less of you afterwards.
  • Living in regret of the past, or fear of the future are two ways of not living at all.
  • A phone call to say, "I'm thinking of you," yields benefits all out of proportion to the time investment.
  • Be known as faithful. If you say, "Let's do lunch," do lunch.
  • Practice one command of God earnestly rather than a hundred sloppily.

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