Monday, August 22, 2011


The afternoon drizzles by
Biting and cool breeze reminds us
Of winters dying breath
Nearly gone but not yet it insists

Like the release and abnegation
Of you over her
How hard we wrestle
How firm our grasp
For fear and compassion
To protect and perhaps
If we are honest to try
To make things right
This time
In her time
Instead of our time

Our time?
Why is it so?
Have we given over already?
I had not thought so
I will that it not be so
Years stretch before us
With that same tumescent uncertainty
And possibility
That wakes us in the night
And calls us into the day

The struggle is real and its
Weight is hard to bear
We long to make their lives
Or even just as much so
As our own
I would find that enough

Some aboriginal drive to control
Possesses us still though
They were our creation were they not?
Called forth as if from Zeus's forehead
At our bequest
We merely exercise our right
Our claim upon them is just and fair

Just and fair?
Two greater lies are not to be found
In human thought
Why would we wish such a fate
On those we carry into the world?

Keep justice; fairness
Give me joy and mercy and freedom
Whatever their manner
Whatever their kin
More so, give it to them
Could there be a better inheritance?

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