Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hauerwas Wisdom

I'm a long-time fan - though I haven't read the autobiography, Hannah's Child from which the quotes below come:

Page 87 "I have come to believe that "believing in God" is not a description that helps us know much about what it means to be a Christian." 

Page 95 "… there is no substitute for learning to be a Christian by being in the presence of significant lives made significant by being Christian. … Significance suggests importance… lives that make a difference and that demand acknowledgment. But the lives of significance I began to notice were not significant in any of those ways. Rather, they were lives of quiet serenity, capable of attending with love to the everyday without the need to be recognized as "making a difference."" 

Page 202 "I asked her to marry me. She thought I was crazy. She pointed out that I had no idea who she was. I responded that of course I did not know who she was. But I knew she was a Christian. I loved and lusted after her. The rest we could work out." 

Page 231 "Dennis's vision for the school, as far as I could tell, assumed the church's primary role … was to support those who think they run the world. In contrast, I wanted a church capable of reminding those who think they rule the world that they are in the grip of a deep delusion." 

Page 255 "I do not trust prayer to spontaneity. Most "spontaneous prayers" turn out, upon analysis to be anything but spontaneous. Too often they conform to formulaic patterns that include ugly phrases such as, "Lord, we just ask you …" Such phrases are gestures of false humility, suggesting that God should give us what we want because what we want is not all that much. I pray that God will save us from that "just.""

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