Sunday, May 09, 2010

From Richard Beck:
Franz Wright: One Heart and Baptism

"I worked for four years at a psychiatric hospital, working with drug addiction, schizophrenia, suicidal persons, eating disorders, manic-depression, and everything else. Everyday was complete human devastation. Many of you, I'm sure, can identify because you've either been there yourself or you work in places of enormous pain and suffering.

"One of Wright's poems that Brad shared--"One Heart"--really speaks to those years in my life:
One Heart

It is late afternoon and I have just returned from
the longer version of my walk nobody knows
about. For the first time in nearly a month, and
everything changed. It is the end of March, once
more I have lived. This morning a young woman
described what it's like shooting coke with a baby
in your arms. The astonishing windy and altering light
and clouds and water were, at certain moment,

There is only one heart in my body, have mercy
on me.

The brown leaves buried all winter creatureless feet
running over dead grass beginning to green, the first scent-
less violet here and there, returned, the first star noticed all
at once as one stands staring into the black water.

Thank You for letting me live for a little as one of the
sane; thank You for letting me know what this is
like. Thank You for letting me look at your frightening
blue sky without fear, and your terrible world without
terror, and your loveless psychotic and hopelessly
lost with this love

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