Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thoughts on God in Human Tragedy

Some years ago - after the tsunami, I posted the following poem - but in light of recent events, I share it again:

Where were you God?

Where were you when the ocean broke the shore?
I was playing on the beach.
Fishing in my boat.
Eating breakfast with my family.

Where were you when the sea sucked lives away?
I was holding on tight until I couldn't.
Afraid and running.
Caught in the swirling chaos.

Where were you when all those people died?
I was struggling to breathe.
Letting go.
Counting the lights entering eternity.

Where were you when the waters receded?
I was standing on the shore.
Weeping with grief.
Aching to hold my lost people.

Where were you in the days that followed?
I was searching and hoping.
Burying the dead.
Seeking shelter, food and comfort.

Where are you now God, where are you now?
I am where you are.

Rev Jennie Gordon
Preston Parish UCA, Vic.

No answers satisfy now. No explanations suffice. Yet still people turn to God for solace and respite and somehow he provides.  

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