Monday, March 02, 2009

Cataracts & Vision

From Mike Cope:

Love these insightful words from Eugene Peterson:

"Every society finds ways to shut its eyes, put fingers in its ears, and by the extravagant use of deodorants and garbage trucks to get rid of the smell of decay, uncleanness, stench, and squalor. We put our sick in hospitals, our elderly in nursing homes, our poor in slums, and our garbage in landfills. We are never entirely successful in keeping them out of sight and smell and sound, but we do our best."

One of the things Jesus taught us was how to see. We can't close our eyes; we must be able to see those around us.

Cataracts form so easily. They cloud our eyes; they made us near-sighted; they can even blind us. Christian formation involves a removal of those cataracts so that we can focus on God's world.

Keep your eyes open today.

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