Monday, January 05, 2009

New beginnings...

I freely admit two things about myself - I'm a list person - so obsessively so that I will write down things I've done that weren't originally on my list, just so I can check them off as "completed", and I love new beginnings. 

I completely understand that almost all "new beginnings" in the common usage of that phrase are technically meaningless and only marginally more meaningful in any clinically psychological way.  Nonetheless, I remain undeterred! I love the opportunity to "reset" things and start over - grasping for a new perspective or a clean slate.

This year brings several of those: a significant new undertaking at work - undoubtedly the biggest of my career and fraught with opportunities both for success and failure (!); a new session with our small group - a chance for growth and reinvention and redirection; a new commitment to running - a chance to reach or reset some personal records and objectives; a new chance to be a better husband, father, friend and person.

And while I rejoice at these new opportunities and the chance to make some lists and create some new goals that will drive, nag, pester and <hope>reward</hope> me, I recognize that in all my planning and hoping, I must never lose sight of the magic and blessing of every moment.  I received news earlier of a co-worker I'd known many years ago - a person of character and accomplishment - who died in an accident on new year's day. We never know what the next moment holds - all we truly have is the moment we are in!

So as I begin this new year, one resolution that I'll carry over from last year is to try to be fully present in each moment - not distracted with thoughts about the next task, the next appointment, the next activity or the next conversation, but committed to what is in the moment I am in. I hope this empowers me to draw greater joy from each of those moments - and drives me to be deliberate and careful in choosing what I fill my moments with!

May you have a joyful and prosperous 2009!

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Eric Livingston said...

Ain't no shame in adding completed items to the list so you can check them off!