Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is sin?

From a recent poll:

What Americans Call Sin:

• Adultery: 81%

• Racism: 74%

• Using "hard" drugs, such as cocaine, LSD: 65%

• Not saying anything if a cashier gives you too much change: 63%

• Having an abortion: 56%

• Homosexual activity or sex: 52%

• Not reporting some income on your tax returns: 52%

Reading or watching pornography: 50%

• Gossip: 47%

• Swearing: 46%

• Sex before marriage: 45%

• Homosexual thoughts: 44%

• Sexual thoughts about someone you are not married to: 43%

• Doing things as a consumer that harm the environment: 41%

• Smoking marijuana: 41%

• Getting drunk: 41%

• Gambling: 30%

• Not attending church or religious services regularly: 18%

• Drinking any alcohol: 14%

Source: Ellison Research, August 2007, based on 1,007 adults through a representative online panel ad adjusted to be demographically representative of the USA Margin of error: ±3.1 percentage points.


Steve said...

Well some of these things are big wrong and some are little wrong. Some are big or little wrong most of the time but not always. Some are big or little wrong just some of the time. I have my own definitions of sin that I substitute when I see that word. It's what hurts others and oneself.

Eric Livingston said...

Not saying anything about too much change from the cashier is a bigger sin than abortion?!?


er, I mean, shucks...