Monday, January 07, 2008

Best Picture?

While I fully expect No Country For Old Men to be the front-runner for best picture of 2007 (deservedly so) at the Academy Awards, and while I'm chagrined that Michael Clayton hasn't been considered seriously, I'm hopeful that Juno will give No Country a run for its money.

From Scott Freeman:

"This movie is being considered as this year's Little Miss Sunshine. A tight script, a likable cast and an independent feel are strong similarities that give it the momentum to take that fifth best picture spot that Sunshine achieved. But, really, that is where the similarities end.

The dialogue crackles throughout due to the hip and relevant writing of Diablo Cody. Ellen Page is a revelation as the titular character saddled with an unwanted pregnancy but determined to see the baby given to those who could provide better care. The scenes that she shares with her on-screen father are some of the most touching, yet real, father-daughter scenes in cinema without once resorting to cheesiness or sanctimony. And Michael Cera solidifies his place as the best young comedic actor of his generation. His sense of timing and delivery is impeccable."

I agree with Scott.  Juno is a great treat of a movie - surprising me in both its humor and its humanity.  A great story, well-acted with crisp, funny dialogue and a unique and eccentric visual palette that I found mesmerizing.

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