Friday, October 12, 2007

A Quote and a Message

columnist photoI highly recommend you take an hour somewhere and listen to this interview.  Here's a quote that I think articulates so much of my own thinking :

Krista Tippett: Here's a sentence, a question from one of your writings. "The problem of the nature of faith plagues us all our lives. Is openness to other ideas infidelity or is it the beginning of spiritual maturity?"

Sister Chittister: Well, you see, the old institutional answer was that it's infidelity. But if you move as a person of faith, immersed in your own — the best of your own spiritual tradition, then you can only come to the other end of that sentence, "It is openness to the best and to the wholeness." We don't have gods, we have God. We are all moving toward that God within the limitations and with all of the gifts that each of these great, seeking traditions gives us in our culture. Now, where all of that is going to come out, it doesn't even bother me. I just know that the Jesus story is my story, that I walk with Jesus, that I feel that presence, that I know that path, and that that path, the path I walk, to me seems very much like the path from Galilee to Jerusalem that Jesus walked, raising women from the dead and curing lepers. I am convinced that where I am going is on the end of the path that I started years ago.

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George Cooper said...


I bloglinked via Richard Beck's to this blog. This quote is related to C. S. Lewis' observation in Letters to Malcom that each of us participates in the life of Jesus, including his passion and resurrection.

I notice that one of your favorite "books" is Dante's Divine Comedy. Because of that you might want to check out my blog.

Blessings, George C.