Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hitchens on Hitchens

I've long been a reluctant fan of Christopher Hitchens.  Though I disagree with him on a wide array of issues, he is nonetheless eloquent, witty and decisive - and he managed to absolutely astound, dumbfound and befuddle Bill Maher on one episode of Real Time.

His new book, God Is Not Great, is another in a small rush of stridently anti-Christian books by otherwise obscure atheists (which I've written about before).  Unlike the other authors, I can say that Hitchens gets his vitriolic tone honestly - he isn't prejudiced, he hates everybody!

But in an interesting development, Hitchens' brother, Peter - a believer, has reviewed the book.  I recommend the entire read.

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Steve said...

Chris is good at insulting people. Not a talent that I value. But it is fun when I agree with him and he skewers something that deserves to be skewered.