Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bluetooth Headphones

OK, I'm an admitted and easily recognizable gadget freak.  But I think this will have broader interest to folks who are active runners or who work out frequently.

I'm a long-time Cingular 8125 user (best phone, best PDA I've ever had) and I always take it with me on my runs and listen to music or audiobooks while running.  I've gone through countless headphone configurations, but I've used the Motorola HT820 bluetooth wireless stereo headphones for a couple of years and absolutely loved them.  My only complaints were they were too large (the kids said I looked like Mickey Mouse running with them on), the controls lacked adequate tactile feedback, and they just couldn't take the sweating attendant with running in Mississippi.  In fact, I've gone through three sets of the HT820s (not cheap).

After the meltdown of the third set of HT820s, I ordered and just received the new Motorola S9s.  They are amazing.  Same great sound and extensive features as the HT820, but in a form factor that is small (ear bud design), and incredibly lightweight (less than a couple of ounces).
 Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones

If you're a runner or exerciser who listens to an MP3 player while you work out, I'd highly recommend the S9s.


mlt said...

Alas! You are "safe".

No more monthly nervousness, wondering...if...or not...audio conception would occur.

We shall name it Otosectomy.

Kelly said...

so they headphones stay secure when you run?

Jeff said...

Kelly -

The headphones are great for running; however, I'd be remiss if I didn't note that I'm now on my 2nd pair of the S9s because of construction quality issues - the volume switches on the first pair failed, leaving the volume stuck at an almost inaudible level - making the headphones useless. Returned for another set.

Anonymous said...

I had a pair of S9s that did the same thing after only three weeks, except the volume got stuck at max. From what I've been reading, this is a common issue with the S9s, which are supposed to be sweat resistant. Back to the drawing board for Motorola. In the mean time, I'm, once again, looking for a decent pair of bluetooth headphones I can use while running.

Jeffrey said...

Has anyone given a try to the Logitech Freepulse headphones? I hear they have trouble pairing to bluetooth devices other than the included transmitter, but some people have gotten it to work. It supposedly works with the iPhone too, which would be nice if you prefer watching shows while running on a treadmill.

Jimmy Bosse said...

I went through 3 pairs of the S9 (get the service plan) before I started wearing a visor to catch the sweat before it ruined the controls. This worked great for 6 months before I forgot to wear the visor one day and they broke again. The problem this time is that Radio Shack doesn't carry them any more and now I am stuck without a good alternative. I just tried a pair from Plantronics which is like a normal bluetooth phone headset with a cord attaching a second earbud, but running with it is very uncomfortable. Back to the search! :-(

Jared said...

haven't actually tried these out yet but they look pretty good, supposedly engineered for all kinds of sport use and claim to stay in no matter what... fully weatherproof/waterproof/sweatproof, etc. I'll be eager to c when these come in how they work!