Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Focus on the Family...NOT!

I've long been a questioner of the modern, Western evangelical's obsession with the family.  Somewhere, I even wrote an essay entitled Worshipping at the Hearth of Vesta characterizing Christianity's love of family with a form of idolatry.  Of course, this hasn't been a very popular topic of discussion as you might imagine.

However, once again, I have found a kindred mind (if not spirit) in Richard Beck.  See his latest post, " Theology and Evolutionary Psychology, Chapter 5: Family Values?"


Scott said...

That's the second comparison to Greek mythology and evangelical Christianity I've seen this morning. Chris Hedges in his diatribe against the Christian Right "American Fascists" likens their god to Janus.

"The message swings the faces of this Janus-like God back and forth, one terrifying and one loving, in dizzying confusion. The emotions of love and fear pulsate through the message. God will love and protect those who come to Him. God will torment and reject those who do not come to Him. It becomes a bewildering mantra."

len said...

Jeff, I just found it interesting that next to your post was a picture of you and one that I assume is your daughter. What does Beck's article (which I found interesting) imply about all the family pictures on your blog?

Did you make it to the marathon? How did you do? We were swamped last weekend so I couldn't have met anyway. Sorry about that.

Jeff said...

Scott - There's a lot - a LOT - that the Greeks helped us with, but we got some bad baggage, too!

Len - Just started a new assignment at work and couldn't get away in time to make the race packet pick-up deadline of 7pm in downtown Nashville. Maybe next time! The juxtaposition is inevitible given the layout of the blog, but I don't think Beck's article posits we shouldn't care about family - or that family isn't important - but that spiritual family is supposed to be the idea, not biological family - a message the church has missed.