Thursday, February 01, 2007

Early in the morning...

As I've aged, I've found that I am just naturally waking up earlier.  It may also be a result of my last several years of running allowing me to sleep better (more soundly) and therefore require less sleep.  I need to work on making better use of those extra minutes and hours in the morning.  Along those lines, Yahoo! Finance had a great article on how some top executives use their mornings.  Some tidbits:

Get up early. Almost all of these folks were up no later than 5:30am.  OK, that's only half an hour earlier than I get up now.

Exercise. About three-fourths of these folks spent no less than an hour (some almost 2!) exercising in the AM. I really struggle here.  I love running, but my best time is between 10am and 2pm.  I can usually massage my lunch time into a window for a putting in a few miles, but between business travel and meetings, I often lose control of that 10-2 window and end up forgoing a much-desired run.  Trish has long been a morning runner - a trait I have envied.  I'm going to honestly give this a try.

Make family time.  It was impressive to hear that most of these folks ate breakfast with their kids and usually took them to school.  I do OK at this, but I'd like to be taking the kids to school every morning I'm in town instead of about 1 of 4 which is my current practice.


Scott said...

I hate mornings. I'm up every day by 6:45 and seem to be doing well at that but would love to get up earlier. I would have to go to bed earlier though, and I hate giving up that reading time.

I have all but quit running. I can't seem to get the motivation back. From 25 miles a week to nothing really has me down. I don't even know where to start now. My peak time is 5-6 in the evening, but that's when I'm needed at home, so I just don't go.

Al Sturgeon said...

I'm awfully close on #1 - I set my alarm at 5:30am, but I hit the snooze once or twice before climbing out of bed.

I'm all over #3 - breakfast every morning & take my daughter to school every day.

I suck at #2 - all the way around. I am TERRIBLE at exercising in the morning. I intend to exercise at night before bed, but I'm usually too tired by then. I've got to work on sometime in the middle, huh?