Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dawkins' Delusion

Richard Dawkins - the admittedly curmudgeonly high-priest of Darwinism cum atheism - has recently published a best-selling book, The God Delusion, attempting to argue that the religious instinct - indeed, the instinct to belief itself, is merely an artifact of evolution that should be opposed and stamped out as part of our emerging self-guided evolutionary ascent. Having read the book, it utterly fails to mount anything approaching a compelling argument for such conclusions or pursuits.  As I posted earlier, the recent pro-athiest evangelism is filled with the typical vitriol against religion with surprisingly prescient (wink) selective amnesia to much of history - of both science and religion - and a smattering of the now-defunct logical positivism blended together to provide nothing new in the assault on religious belief.  In the November issue of Harper's, Marilynne Robinson offers a thoughtful and kind-hearted critique of Dawkins' book that is worth reading if you're going to read Dawkins' book.

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Michael Patrick Leahy said...

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