Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Mangler

My old friend Dan posted a couple of pictures on his blog of his once great vehicle - now long resting on the junk heap. Here's my comment on his blog:

"an, oh, man, oh, man!!!!

Half of my teenage years and 95% of my memories are tied to that venerable old heap!

What joy! What unmitigated gall and stupidity!

Remember walking in the summer heat to get gas?

Remember calling my Dad when the brakes failed and we plowed into the woods at the end of a dead-end street?

Remember korpschlagen???

What's that Nickelback song...Photograph - "look at that photograph - every time I do it makes me laugh..."??

Maybe we more more right then than now...

posted by Jeff [www] at 03-07-2006 17:54"

And a picture to follow...if Blogger ever gets that feature working correctly!


scott said...

I will leave the same comment here that I left there:

Remember setting my front yard on fire?

CJR said...

Yeah, but that didn't really have anything to do with the car, did it?

Dan Sanders said...

Everybody gets hung up on something being "on fire." The inside of that car has been on fire; does that make you feel better?


CJR said...

Yeah - remember when the butterfly firework didn't make it out the window (because the window was rolled up...) and went off in the rear floor board??? At 40MPH?

Dan Sanders said...

Yes, and the look on Brian's face trying to stomp it out, and Jamie holding his side, laughing so hard. The smoke turned such pretty colors...

After that, we didn't really worry too much about it; the directions might as well have said "light fuse - throw in back seat."

Linda said...

I am SO very surprised, knowing what I know, that any of you guys made it out alive. Remember someone forgetting to pick you up at the Mall and you having to walk home at night..wonder who that was??