Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Blue Like Jazz

Page 107: "Even our beliefs have become fashion statements."

If I ran my beliefs in politics, religion, love, materialism, through the filter of that statement, how much of my principles would wither under the burning light of naivete and wishful thinking and a crass need for the acceptance and approval of others?

Just thinking...


JRB said...

It's a tough question. For one, I don't think that you, or I or most of the folks with whom we serve, are not sincere in efforts to seek God's truth. Yet, this and other ideas in the book, reveal a deeper problem within ourselves. The deeper we dig, the more we learn, the more and more selfish we show ourselves to be. Were we to love like He loved, really, truly, actually, if we even had that capacity, our lives would be very different. When we can't even trust or accurately diagnose our own hearts and motives, who can?

What can save me from this wretched mess? Thanks be to the Father for Christ. Our corruption runs so deep, even among the Believers and Disciples of the Way, that grace must abound all the more.

Once again, I'm struck that we are absolutely and wholly helpless to do anything to save ourselves. If we can't love properly, at least if we recognize our incapacity, then recognize the grace that keeps us breathing, maybe that's the way God breaks through after all.

JRB said...

I just now saw your reference to my "Gospel" post on your earlier entry on Blue Like Jazz.

I appreciate the plug, the measured criticism and the compliment.

scott said...

I remember the first time I ever taught a class at a youth rally. It was Uplift at Harding back in '91. I was asked to teach at the last minute and stayed up late into the night putting something together.
I was so pumped when the first class went well and teens began to show up. Mike Harris took me aside and said "Right now, you are doing this for yourself. Eventually, you will get to the point where you are doing it for the kids, and that will be good. But, hopefully, you will one day get to the point that you are doing it for God. That is where you need to get to."
I was so mad when he told me that. But it has stuck with me through the years. It's a daunting task to die to self. I don't get there very often.

greg said...

I love Miller's books. I read both BLJ and Searching For God Knows What a couple of years ago. I've been wanting to read them again since, but still haven't gotten back to them.