Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I think you should listen to this if you have time.  Erwin McManus is lead pastor at Mosaic and author of The Barbarian Way and An Unstoppable Force.
Note that McManus isn't really speaking at RHCC, they're playing a DVD of him speaking.  Not sure about the copyright regulations on that, but they ( RHCC) posted the podcast on their site!
While I'm at it, make time to listen to Brennan Manning at the Upper Room Community as well:
Manning has been influential to my thinking - I especially recommend his book The Ragamuffin Gospel .
I think both of these messages should remind us that whatever good comes from our communities, it will be because God has invaded individual lives and has swept them up in what he is doing - it will not be due to our careful planning!

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Chris Benjamin said...


Glad to see you are writing again. I look forward to reading. I have subscribed to your site.

I see you have been reading some books with a missional church focus. Are you familiar with any of the work being done by GOCN (Gospel and Our Culture Network) or Alan Roxburgh and Pat Kiefert. I recommend them.