Friday, September 23, 2005

Where Are You, God?

Some months ago - after the tsunami, I posted the following poem - but in light of recent events, I post it again:

Where were you God?

Where were you when the ocean broke the shore?
I was playing on the beach.
Fishing in my boat.
Eating breakfast with my family.

Where were you when the sea sucked lives away?
I was holding on tight until I couldn't.
Afraid and running.
Caught in the swirling chaos.

Where were you when all those people died?
I was struggling to breathe.
Letting go.
Counting the lights entering eternity.

Where were you when the waters receded?
I was standing on the shore.
Weeping with grief.
Aching to hold my lost people.

Where were you in the days that followed?
I was searching and hoping.
Burying the dead.
Seeking shelter, food and comfort.

Where are you now God, where are you now?
I am where you are.

Rev Jennie Gordon
Preston Parish UCA, Vic.

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