Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Price of Success?

Ages ago, Dan at Cerulean Sanctum posted this little list:

The truly surrendered person...

...will never be well-known.
...will never live in the nice house, drive the appropriate car, or wear the most fashion-forward clothes.
...will never be wealthy and may never be "set" financially.
...will make a career of loving God and others, even if this means his/her professional career suffers for it.
...will be overlooked (or even mocked) by the "important people."
...will be seen as a fool by almost everyone--even by those in the church.
...will never be labeled a success by anyone but Christ.
...understands that to buy the Pearl of Great Price will cost everything.
...thinks first what is the mind of the Lord.
...says, "Not my will, but Thine be done."

I searched & Googled, Googled and searched until I found it. I want to turn this over in my head and think about it. Is he right? Fully or partially so? How and why?


Dan Edelen said...


Well, I hope I'm right!

Thanks for the link. Blessings on your blogging.

Dan Edelen said...

Oh, BTW, the exact link for that post you referenced is:

Sweet Surrender